So much to see, learn … So little time.

Welcome. Travel photography is a most interesting experience. More important even than the images I’ve included here and in the numerous galleries is the people I have met along the way.

Don’t believe the talking head nonsense on the 24 hour news channels, you run the risk of never leaving your basement. People everywhere are pretty much the same, nice. Certainly we have cultural differences, visiting and learning about those differences is far more stimulating than the photos. In the end, at least for me, photography is the excuse, the intellectual stimulation is the reward. The photos are pretty good too.

The "Featured,” gallery includes my most recent additions and some of my all time favorites. The remaining galleries are divided by region; “East,” includes Europe, Middle East and Africa. “West/South,” includes the Americas and Asia. “US/Other,” includes the US, Canada and collections with no other obvious home. And “Private,” is password protected and includes friends and family not intended for general web distribution. Contact me for passwords.

Many of these images will soon be available for online purchase. As soon as FotoMoto integration is complete. In the short term, images are available from all but the private galleries via download and size is optimized for sharing on sites such as Facebook.
SIte is currently under construction and many of the in-line links are broken. This is a known problem and, for a site of this size, requires extensive editing and testing. Working on it.

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