So much to see, learn … So little time, Featured Collections.

This gallery collection includes the most recent collections and some of my all-time favorites. They are also found in the geographical sections to make finding similar images of a particular place easier. The other galleries are divided into regions; using the US as the center, what can I say, I’m an American, I suppose I could use something like Greenwich but the point would academic and not help navigation. “East,” includes Europe, Middle East and Africa. “West/South,” includes the Americas and Asia. “US/Other,” includes the US, Canada and collections with no other obvious home. And “Private,” is password protected and includes friends and family not intended for general web distribution. Contact me for passwords.

Photos on the opening screen are also included in the “Home Page Featured Photos,” gallery below. I have also placed photo collections in sub directories to try to decrease the clutter. These are all published at a resolution best suited for website, computer or television viewing.

Low resolution images are available for download on most pages and high resolution images with an unobtrusive watermark can also be purchased. See the Services tab for additional information.