Egypt is just too important historically to relegate to either Africa or the Middle-East collections. There is also the little issue that it spans both the African and Asian continents. Upon returning from a week trip, I found I had more than 8,500 images. In this gallery collection, I have placed them in galleries of the sites I managed to visit. I have only scratched the surface as I could easily spent hours, possibly days, at each site.

Dynastic Period Dates Sites
Neolithic Cultures 7000-3500 BC
Predynastic Period 3500-3100 BC
Early Dynastic Period 3100–2707 BC Step Pyramids, Memphis
Old Kingdom 2707–2216 BC Saqqara, Giza Pyramids
1st Intermediate Period 2216–2020 BC
Middle Kingdom 2211–1794 BC Karnak
2nd Intermediate Period 1794–1550 BC
New Kingdom 1550–1070 BC Amenhotep III, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Hatshepsut, Unfinished Obelisk
3rd Intermediate Period 1069– 714 BC
Late Period 746- 335 BC Philae, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel
Classical antiquity
Macedonian or Grecco Era 332- 306 BC
Ptolemaic Era 306– 30 BC Temple of Edfu, Rosetta Stone, Kom Ombo
Roman Era 30 BC- 313 AD
Byzantine Egypt 312- 641 AD
Sasanian Egypt 619– 629 AD
Middle Ages
Islamic Egypt 641– 969 AD
Fatimid Egypt 969–1171 AD
Ayyubid Egypt 1171–1250 AD
Mamluk Egypt 1250–1517 AD
Early Modern
Ottoman Egypt 1517–1867 AD
French occupation 1798–1801 AD
Egypt under Muhammad Ali 1805–1882 AD Egyptian Museum
Khedivate of Egypt 1867–1914 AD
Modern Egypt
British occupation 1882–1922 AD
Sultanate of Egypt 1914–1922 AD
Kingdom of Egypt 1922–1953 AD
Republic 1953–present Aswan Project, Nubian Village, Aswan, Cairo, Nile Cruise
*Wikipedia, Here is Egypt: 7000 Years of Civilization, M Yahia, 2010 and posted information at numerous official Egyptian tourism sites are primary sources for dates and historical context throughout this collection.