Bogota 2014

What an interesting place. Tourism is just now recovering from the unpleasantness of the past decade. It is a diamond in the rough filled with wonderful people and a rich history dating back thousands of years. The city is over 8600 feet (2,600 meters) elevation, has a population of around 8 million. It has also, unfortunately, suffered from some infrastructure decay; however, it is also filled with pride, it is one of the cleanest big cities I have had the pleasure of visiting. Be sure to look at images in the Mount Monserrate gallery, the mountain is over 10,500 feet elevation and overlooks Bogota. The Botanical Garden, the Museo Botero, and the Msueo do Oro galleries are also worth a visit.

I have also visited a number of other sites on this trip including Zipaquira and the Catedral de Sal, Neiva and the Tatacoa Desert, San Agustin and the San Agustin Parque with its Pre-Columbian rock carvings.