Neiva and Tatacoa Desert 2014

Also known as Sadness Valley or more appropriately the Valley of Sadnesses, so named by the Conquistador Jimanez de Quesada in 1538. The desert region boasts only 2 rain days per year and is located very near the equatorial line at latitude 3 degrees 13 minutes north and longitude 75 degrees and 10 minutes west. Perfect for star gazing, high altitude, no clouds, no electricity and near the equator. I did not have the opportunity to see at night but the daylight visit was also breathtaking. Not truly a desert but a tropical dry forest, whatever that is. Ground water is not that far away and the plants have evolved to sink roots more than 20 meters deep. We found a spring and went swimming in the desert.

We flew from Bogota and rented a car in Neiva, in interesting experience in itself, and drove to San Agustin the the San Agustin Parque.