San Agustin Colombia 2014

We decided to visit the San Agustin Parque but the drive from Bogota was about 15 hours. We flew from Bogota to Neiva, amazing desert, then things got interesting. Our flight was delayed and we arrived after the rental car agency closed. Found a hotel and next morning went to pick up our reserved car. Not as easy as you might think, it seems there has been an issue with people forgetting to return their car, took 3 hours but finally on the way to San Agustin. Drove for 5 hours through the most incredible scenery and arrived in San Agustin at closing time for the Archaeological Park.

Only reasonable option, watch the sunset from the balcony, dinner, walking in the city and a hot tub while sampling the local liqueur. We were the only guests in the hotel and we ultimately convinced those without suits that boxers were close enough. Well worth the R&R even without the Pre-Columbian archaeology.