Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park 2012

Who would think an Adventure park on the top of a mountain that can only be accessed via a gondola would be a success? The Alpine Coaster unlike the classic roller coaster, starts at the top of the mountain, you have already ridden the gondola to the top and just get on, give the requisite thumbs up and off down the mountain you go. The cars come with a brake but only for weenies and they are likely to be rudely reminded of their weenie-hood by the impact of the car behind them. The Giant Canyon Swing provides a dramatic view of the cliffs some 1300 feet below as you begin free fall from the height of the arch and the Cliff Hanger roller-coaster boasts being the world's highest roller coaster, it has a 9000 foot head start.

Couldn't pry Jaz off any of the rides, particularly the Swing and Alpine Coaster. She only climbed the rock wall twice in a row before declaring it too easy.