Grand Mesa Mountain 2016

We went hiking on Grand Mesa mountain and its amazing what a few weeks can do for accessibility. In early June 2014, we were forced to turn back on Crag Crest Trail due to snow and fallen trees. This year we tried around Ward lake and still over 10,000 feet and only had difficulty with some snow and fallen trees. A few days later, we drove from the city of Whitewater the back way up onto the mesa. I had never attempted this route. Incredible views and a stark contract from the lush high altitude mountain to the desert floor below with Grand Junction visible in the distance.

I also took my DJI drone and took some areal photos and video footage. This is my first attempt and I learned some valuable lessons on videography. Time and practice will make them even better. I will publish as soon as TTG and their Backlight product are updated to include ability to post video footage.