Edinburgh Church

Services Available

In February 2012, I added the ability to purchase images to selected Galleries. This has mostly been an exercise in web construction, as of January 2018 the only purchase was by my wife. None are released without my approval. Many groups, crowds and public space images preclude contacting individuals. Images of individuals are not released without the subject’s approval. Potentially copyrighted material, images of the work of others, sculptures for example, may require a release from the owner before I can send to the printer.

The high resolution images purchased here have an unobtrusive watermark.

If you would like a high quality print or other artistic form of an image, try the shopping cart and I will be happy to send you a picture the size and format of your heart’s desire. I offer traditional glossy and matte finish paper prints as well as fine art prints, canvas prints and wall peels. I also offer image download licensing, greeting cards, post cards and eCards. Have fun. Also look at WHCC, the service provider I mostly use, for options not listed in the shopping cart. The aluminum prints are breathtaking. The dye is infused into the aluminum making the colors pop, they do not require a frame and they are scratch resistant and fade resistant.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or have a special request, please contact me on either the blog or privately on the contact page.